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Gear hobbing machine SHIBAURA HHA600 6000mm dia.

YOM 1977

Located in ROMANIA


Call +40 21 223 03 45


YOM ab. 1977

Located in ROMANIA

Max. Diameter gear to be hobbed: 6000mm

Min. Dia of gear to be hobbed: 1200mm

Center distance between hob and table spindle: 3270mm (max ) 680mm (min)

Vertical travel of lifting saddle 2000mm

Dia. of table: 4300mm

Center hole of table 1000mm

MAx. load on the table: 70000kg

DIa. of the master worm wheel 4100mm

Hob spindle speed 6-90rpm (continuous)

Weight 140.000kg


For more information please contact us.

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