Sheet stamping press type PKZV I 800

YOM 1978

Located in ROMANIA


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Sheet stamping press 800TON model PKZV I 800

Year of manufacture: 1978
Maximum force of slide 8000KN
Stroke of slide 500MM
Adjustability of slide 500MM
Maximum distance between
bolster and slide (stroke down,
adjustment up) SDAU 1700MM
Width between columns 4000MM
Slide area (width x depth) 3950x2500MM
Bed area (width x depth) 4000x2500MM
Opening in bed (width x depth) 3520x1520MM
Main motor power 90KW
Idle stroke rate 17 / MIN
Counter pressure of cushion (in bed) 1600KN
Height above ground, ab. 8400MM
machine weight. 170TON

The press was manufactured in Romania after ERFURT drawings. The electric was original Erfurt. Electric now is very old and must be replaced.

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