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Heavy Duty Lathe KZTC Kramatorsk 1A675 2500x12500

YOM 1972

Located in ROMANIA


Call +40 21 223 03 45


Heavy duty lathe Kramatorsk 1A675 2500x12500
YOM 1972


The main technical characteristics of the lathe are:




•     maximum swing   2500mm
•     maximum diameter of work over the saddle..2000 mm
•     distance between centers at extreme position of the tailstock (spindle in)..... 12500mm
•     maximum weight of work machined ..... 100000kg
The smallest diameter of the processed product, mm 500
Frequency of rotation of a spindle, rpm 0,8-50
Cutting of a carving:
metric, mm 2-96
inch (threads on 1") 20-3/8
Angle of rotation of the top part of a support, hail 90
Speed of the accelerated promotion pintles, mm/min. 310
The accelerated movement of the back grandma, m/min. 2,9
The accelerated movement of a support, m/min 3,1
Longitudinal giving of a support, mm / about 0,159-49,6
Relation of longitudinal giving to cross 2,5
Power of the electric motor of the main drive, kW 125
Bed width 2850mm
•     weight of the lathe..... 157000kg

Lathe is in working condition.

For more information please contact us.

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