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Gear grinding machine Reishauer ZB + AM dresser + balancing machine

Price: 20.000Euro

YOM 1980

Located in ROMANIA


Call +40 723 190 249


Gear grinding machine Reishauer ZB

Manufacturer: Reishauer AG

Made in: Switzerland



Gear diameter: 54-700 mm

Max gear width: 280 mm

Distance between centres: 256-570 mm

Number of teeth:

-Min: 16

-Max: 240


-Min: 1.5

-Max: 7

Pressure angle:

-Min: 14 degrees 30 min

-Max: 30 degrees

Max helix angle: +/- 30 degrees

Helical pitch with 30 teeth: 

 -Min: 404

-Max: 7725 mm

Slide stroke: 290 mm

Max longitudinal crowning with a pressure angle of 20 degrees: 0,022 mm

Max work-piece weight incl. fixing: 300 kg (approx.)

Max diameter of grinding wheel:  280-400 mm

Max width of grinding wheel: 104 mm

Total power requirement: 9,6 kW

Dimensions of machine: 3900x2800x2200 mm

Weight of machine: 8000 kg


The machine is delivered together with Reishauer AM Dressing Machine + Hoffmann Balancing Machine

For more information please contact us.

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