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Horizontal boring and milling machines

SHIBAURA BSF34 (6)_edited.png

Floor borer SHIBAURA BSF34/23A dia. 230mm

yom 1980/2018

rotary tables

Rotary tables

rotary table 2200x2200mm (1).jpg

Rotary Table 2200x2200mm

Price: 8000Euro


Rotary table INNSE 5000x4000mm


Price on request

Floor plates


Floor Plates 6000x2000x400mm

floor plates 3500x1750 (1).jpeg

Floor Plates 3500x1750x350mm

3500x2000x400mm (23).jpg

Floor Plates 3500x2000x400mm

4000x2000x350mm (6E) (5).jpeg

Floor Plates 4000x2000x350mm

4000x1500x400mm (7).jpg

Floor Plates 4000x1500x400mm

4200x1530x350 (4)_edited.png

Floor Plates 4200x1500x350mm

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