1980 Forging hammer KRAMATORSK M2147 5t

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Steam-air forging hammer KRAMATORSK M2147 5t Year: ab .1980 Tech data: Nominal weight of dropping parts 5000 kg Actual mass of dropping parts without the Upper tool 5080 kg Effective kinetic energy of dropping parts at Full consecutive blows 125 kJ Number of strikes per min 50 Max course of the hammer block 1300 mm Min height of tools without shanks 400 mm Distance between columns 800 mm Length of the hammer block (at direction, Perpendicular to hammer front) 950 mm Length of the die holder (at direction, Perpendicular to hammer front) 1180 mm Weight 139 ton For more information please contact us.


ManufacturerForging hammer KRAMATORSK M2147 5t