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Heavy Duty Lathe 1MAI 1800X10000 retrofitted

YOM 1986

Located in ROMANIA


Call +40 21 223 03 45


Heavy duty lathe SN1800X10000 retrofitted as follows:
Manufacturer: 1MAI PLOIESTI (Romania)
Year of manufacture: 1986
Completely retrofitted in 2022

Main technical data:
• face plate diameter: 1800mm
• max. swing over bed: 1780mm
• max. swing over slide: 1450 mm
• height of centers: 800mm
• distance between centers: 10000mm
• Max weight of the work piece: 16to (20ton with steady rest).
• speed range of the main spindle: 0.8 - 160rpm
• main drive motor: 55KW
• longitudinal feed: 0.4 - 480 mm / min
• transversal feed: 0.2 - 240 mm / min
• intermediate slide feed: 0.15 - 180 mm / min
• intermediate slide travel: 500mm
• cross slide travel: 520mm
• tool holder travel: 175mm
• Machine weight: ab. 32500kg

- 4 jaw face plate
- 2 steady rest

Following operations were made to the lathe on retrofitting:
- All the guideways of the bed were new grinded;
- All the friction surfaces were plated;
- The gear box, carriage, slides and tail stock were dismantled, checked all the parts and were replaced the worn out ones;
- New electrical cabinet with Schrack components and new cables and cables support;
- 55 KW old DC motor with new Parker driver;
- 4KW AC feed motor with Parker converter;
- New control panel;
- The precision of the lathe like a new machine;
- The machine new painted;

Guarantee period: It is granted guarantee period of 6 months for mechanic and electric components for spare parts.

For more information and price please contact us.

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