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Forging hammer M2143 2 ton

YOM 1971

Located in ROMANIA

Price: 47.000Euro


Call +40 21 223 03 45


Forging hammer M2143 2 ton

Main technical data:

Nominal mass of drop parts kg 2000
Impact energy 50 KJ
Max. no. of blows/min. 70
Ram stroke 1200 mm
Distance clear between guides 600 mm
Ram front-to-back dimensions 670 mm
Die holder front-to-back dimensions 900 mm
Min. die holder to ram distance 260 mm
Steam/air pressure 0.7-0.9 MPa
Dimensions 3650x1660x5310 mm
Mass (less anvil block) 18 tons
Mass of anvil block 40 tons

Total weight of the hammer: 58ton

For more information please contact us.

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