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Floor borer SHIBAURA BSF34/23A

YOM 1980/2018

Located in ROMANIA


Call +40 21 223 03 45


Horizontal boring machine SHIBAURA BSF34/23A


Milling spindle diameter 340 mm

Boring spindle diameter 230 mm

High-speed spindle diameter 100 mm

Ram section 600 x 700 mm

Milling spindle nose diameter 400 mm

Boring spindle taper ISO No.60 (mm)

Ram travel 1750 mm

Boring spindle travel 1500 mm

Total travel of ram and boring spindle 3250 mm

Headstock vertical travel 5000 mm

Column horizontal travel 13000 mm


The machine is equipped with:

rotary table 4000x5000 mm 60ton load + floor plates, and milling heads

The machine was retrofitted and upgraded with Siemens 840D CNC in 2018.

For more information please contact us.

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